West Midlands' Ballads
New Navigation
Adieu My Lovely Nancy
Admiral Benbow
All Bells in Paradise
An English Lady in Love with a Welsh Ploughboy
Appendix of extra material from the Region
Astley’s Ride
Bad Squire
Bagbury Bull
Ballad of Jonathan Wild
Ballad of Trubshaw and Green
Bandy Legged Lett
Banks of Sweet Primroses
Bartley Gorman
Battle of Burslem
Battle of Haughmond Hill
Battle of Tettenhall
Battle of Waterloo
Battle of Algiers
Birmingham Jack of All Trades
Birmingham to Liverpool Railway
Blacksmith, The
Bold Robin Hood & the Three Squires
Boxing Match
Brave Collier Lads
Brave Dudley Boys
Brave Nelson
Carpet Weavers of Kidderminster
Charlie’s Song
Christ is Born in Bethlehem
Cider Annie
Clorinda’s Marriage to Robin Hood
Cobbler and the Jackass, The
Cold Blows the Wind
Colliers’ Rant
Country Courtship
Cradley Heath Song
Crafty Ploughboy
Creeping Jane
Cross Keys Murder
Cruel Mother
Cruel Ship’s Carpenter
Dark-Eyed Sailor
Darlaston Dogfight
Deserter, The
Disdainful Lady
Dudley Canal Tunnel Song
Earl Haldan’s Daughter
Enoch’s Bell
Eynuch’s Tunnel
Ellesmere, Legend of
Farewell to barn and stack and tree
Farmer’s Boy
Farmer’s Curst Wife, The
Gallant Hussar, The
Georgie (Geordie)
Golden Glove
Great Train Robbery
Green Bed
Green Mossy Banks of the Lea
Grey Cock
Hall of Cynddylan
Hell in Herefordshire
Henry’s Downfall
Hold the Fort
Highwayman Outwitted
Hop-Picking Song
Hugh of Lincoln
Indian Lass
Sir Guy of Warwick
Jack the Sailor
John Barleycorn
John Hobbs
John Wilkinson
Johnny Sands
Jolly Joe the Collier’s Son
Jovial Hunter of Bromsgrove
Kate of Coalbrookdale
Keeper, The
King Edward IV and the Tanner of Tamworth
King Henry V and the King of France
Lady Chatterley’s Lover
Lancashire Lads
Landlord don’t You Cry
Lay of Buckstone
Lazy Jane
Ledbury Parson
Lee Bridge Cocking
Legend of Ellesmere
Little Birds of the Mountain
Little John and the Bandog
Lone Pine
Lord Bateman
Lord Cashill and the Gypsies
Lord Derwentwater’s Death
Lord Marlborough
Lord Paget
Lord Thomas
Lowlands of Holland
Maid with a Box on Her Head
Mare and the Foal
Nailmakers’ Petition
Nailmakers’ Strike
Navvy Boots
New Navigation
New Song of William Palmer
Newcastle under Lyme Wakes
Night Visiting Song
Nine Times a Night
Old Sam
Old Towler
Over the Wall
Ode to Owain Glyndwr
Outlandishhh Owain Glyndwr
Poor Law Bill
Poor Old Horse
Pride of Delamere
Robin Goodfellow
Robin Hood and the Bishop
Rose in June
Rosemary, The
Rout of the Blues
Ruth Ellis
Sailor Home
Sarah Collins
Seeds of Love
Sentry, The
Shrewsbury Jail
Shropshire Militia
Shropshire Militia Boys
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Sir Guy of Warwick
Sir Lancelot and the Giant Tarquine
Six Pretty Maids
Song of the Fox
Song of the Navvies
Song of the Staffordshire Men
Spring and Langan’s Famous Fight
Squire Vernon’s Fox Chase
Stafford County Fair
Streams of Lovely Nancy
Take Pity, Take Pity
Tame Meadow
Tanner of Tamworth
Three Jolly Huntsman
Tiffany Street
Tim Evans’ Dance
Tom Moody
Tommy Note
Trees they do Grow High
Trial of Bill Burn
Turpin’s Farewell to Black Bess
Undaunted Female
Volunteer Organist
Wanton Seed
War Games
Warwickshire Hunt
Wedgebury Cocking
Wedgefield Wake
Welshman, The A
When the Frost is on the Pumpkin
When Wyrley Broom’s in Blossom
Why Oh Wye?
William Booth
William Palmer, two songs
Willow Tree, The
Withy Carol
Ye Three Tall Men