Instant Melodeon, Mallinson
Dave Mallinson never had the luxury of a satisfactory D/G melodeon tuition book. He is completely self taught. Knowledge has been hard won by trial and error, through endless hours of practice, playing innumerable gigs and takingpart in countless traditional music sessions. Dave has condensed the tricks, techniques and ideas, slowly amassed throughout five decades of melodeon experience, into this book and CD, ensuring you reach your musical destination in the optimum time. Each tune has been carefully laid out to enable players new to the instrument to visualise how the melody line and bass accompaniment interact, instantly. You'll swiftly become a one-man-band creating a great solo sound. Melodeon tablature means no previous musical knowledge is required. The book utilises a combination of standard music notation, melodeon tablature, time signature spacing and simple, popular tunes. Along with the specially prepared soundtrack, you have everything required for instant gratification and to quickly build a superb core repertoire of traditional music. Only 14 notes are required to play all 42 tunes. For outstanding results, just add practice. These three excellent tutors, each with its own character and repertoire, are designed to be used singly or concurrently as a group.