The Northumbrian Pipers Duet Book
Tune list

Lament for Ian Dickson/Parnell’s March/Glen Aln Hornpipe/The Keelman over Land/Old Lancashire Hornpipe/Bonny Woodside/The Breamish/Go to Berwick Johnny/Gypsies’ Lullaby/Sir Sidney Smith’s March/Mrs. Jamieson’s Favourite/Cradle Song/Rowan Tree/The Herd on the Hill/Wilson’s Fish/Mrs. Mona Cameron/Wedding Shoes/Miss Thompson’s Hornpipe/The Heroes of Glencoe/Heidenroslein/Starry Night in Shetland/Champion Hornpipe/Wyndburgh Jig/Zadudej Dudacku, Zadudej/Bonny at Morn/Polka/Coquetdale Waltz/Swindon/The Mill, Mill, O/Blowzabella/South Shield Lasses/The Piper in the Well/The Old Drove Road/The Piper’s Wedding/Czech Bagpipe Trio/Londonderry Air/A Little Farm Well Tilled/City of Savannah/Sweet Hesleyside/Golden Wedding/Sting in the tail/The Trip to Solingen/