The Great Northern Tune Book
Under the compiler’s simple heading ‘Country Dances’ are:

– Jigs, Reels, Rants, common-time and triple-time Hornpipes
– Local fiddle and pipe tunes
– Tunes from other parts of England, Scotland, and even France
– Obscure but high quality tunes along with old favourites
– The earliest appearances of some traditional classics

Vickers’ collection served as a source for the Northumbrian Minstrelsy in the 19th Century, and also played a part in the renaissance of traditional music on Tyneside in the 20th Century in the hands of The High Level Ranters, The Cut & Dry Band and Alistair Anderson.

Edited by Matt Seattle and appearing as The Great Northern Tune Book under his Dragonfly Music imprint in 1986-7, Vickers’ was the first fiddler’s manuscript to be published in its entirety. This long awaited new edition, completely re-edited and in one volume, is an essential resource for every player and student of traditional music, whether serious or in Vickers’ words, “half-witted, merry and mad”.