One Hundred English Folksongs
The tunes are presented precisely as they were originally taken down from the lips of the singers, and the lyrics are the best, most intelligible versions of the actual words and variants. Arranged for medium voice and piano, these songs are among the best in the English folk tradition, and through the survival of Border ballads and others in the United States, in the American folk tradition as well.Included are "Henry Martin," "Robin Hood and the Tanner," "Lord Bateman," "Barbara Ellen," "The Outlandish Knight," "The Golden Vanity," "The Green Wedding," "Lord Rendal," "Lord Lovel," "The Death of Queen Jane," "The Crystal Spring," "The Drowned Lover," "O Waly, Waly," "Fanny Blair," "The Lark in the Morn," "Hares on the Mountains," "The Brisk Young Bachelor," "Sweet William," "Scarborough Fair," "The Keeper," "The Robber," "Botany Bay," "Admiral Benbow," "The Ship in Distress," "A Brisk Young Sailor," "The Twelve Days of Christmas," "The Ten Commandments," "The Barley-Mow," and many more.The editor has provided a general introduction to the field of English folksong and substantial notes on all of the songs, citing related versions, historical allusions, etc. Amateur and professional singers will find this collection to be of unusually high quality, and it is of great interest to collectors, musicologists, and historians of culture.
Songs of the Civil War
"Admirable . . . destined to become the standard of its period." — The New York Times Book ReviewFrom the turmoil and tragedy of America's Civil War came an outpouring of song that was clearly no longer European in inspiration, but distinctively American, born of a deeply shared experience. It has been estimated that over 10,000 songs were written about the Civil War. This book brings together 125 of the finest and most typical of these songs in one of the best edited, most comprehensive collections of Civil War songs ever published.The songs are richly varied in subject and theme. Among them are stirring marching songs and patriotic hymns, sentimental ballads and comic ditties, boasting songs and drinking songs, fighting songs and loving songs. Of course, the rousing "Battle Hymn of the Republic," "Dixie," "When Johnny Comes Marching Home," and "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp" are here. But so, too, are the less familiar but no less memorable "Booth Killed Lincoln," "The Vacant Chair," "The Cumberland and the Merrimac," "All Quiet Along the Potomac" and "Many Thousand Gone."The book is divided into nine groups of songs — battle songs, sentimental songs, comic songs, songs about the Union, the Confederacy, Abraham Lincoln, and more. Each section contains a historical introduction, illustrations, a story and background information about each song, scores for each song arranged for easy piano, with guitar chords, and all the verses.For enthusiasts, students, and historians of American popular music, American history and the American Civil War, here is a book that will provide endless hours of browsing, study, and enjoyment. Irwin Silber is a leading authority on America's folk song heritage, editor of Sing Out, the folk-song magazine, and anthologies of a number of song collections.