John Clare Northborough Sonnets
Northborough Sonnets allows the reader to trace the development of Clare's handling of the form in this period. They constitute fascinating vignettes of rural life in the early nineteenth century and the record of a unique poetic sensibility. They are accompanied by an introduction, informative notes, and a glossary of dialect and unfamiliar words.
John Clare (1793-1864) was an agricultural labourer who rose to fame as the Northamptonshire Peasant Poet with the publication of his first book of poems in 1820. He suffered from mental illness and ended his days in Northampton General Lunatic Asylum. He is now recognized as one of the great English Romantic poets whose writing on rural society has a special power. Eric Robinson, together with his associate editor David Powell, is editor of the mult-volume Oxford English Texts edition of the Collected Poems of John Clare and other selections of Clare's writings, including the Major Works in Oxford World's Classics.