Caedmon Capers , Eddie Upton

Billy’s Hornpipe
The Bradstow Reel
Buttered Beans
Caedmon Capers
Chancellor’s Farewell
Dalton Square
The Demon’s Rant
Drill Hall Rant
The Farnham Frolic
Frenchman’s Folly
The Friary Jig
Gateshead Two Step
Hollin’s Jig
The Ides of August
The Magic Roundabout
The Oak Tree
Potter’s Wheel
Regency Hornpipe

Ryton Hirings
Saltwell Square Eight
Saturday Morning
The Willow Waltz
INDEX OF TUNESHornpipes /Step-Hop Reels
The Famous White Pudding Hornpipe
Farewell to the Dene
The Glen Aln
Mr. Welch’s Favourite
The Stack Of Wheat
The Swing Bridge

First Orders
Hollin’s Jig
Laura McKenzie
The Pub of the Year
Redheugh Library Jig

Saltwell Jig
Sharon Davis
She’s Potty
The Summerhill Two Step
Unnamed JigPolkas/Reels
The Broken Doll
The Brownicside Polka
Buttered Beans
The Great North Run
Potter’s Wheel
Sister Jean


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